GEN-2 arrives to create fantastic videos with AI

GEN-2 is presented as a multimodal AI system that generates novel videos with text, images or video clips and has different modes. The first of them is the passage from text to video, although you can also find the option to generate a video from an image, stylization or convert mockups into renderings.
You will simply have to write in English the text you want to appear in the generated video, being able to add an image on which you want the creation to be based. Once you are in the control panel, you must click on the left on Generate videos and then on Gen-2: Text to video. Keep in mind that you have limited credits to test this function, having to pay extra if you want to generate more videos. Once done, simply click on Generate and wait to see the result in front of you.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the videos are only four seconds long and may have a priori distorted results. But it is a very good starting point for everything that is to come with this tool for creating royalty free assets for your own videos.

I predict a very promising future for this tool and of course the future of AI, there is no limit, only the one we want and as far as we can see its magnetism has invaded us.

I encourage you to try it.

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