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What predictions of Nostradamus threaten Spain?
In the book of predictions of Nostradamus there is a chapter that refers to what will happen in the year 2023 and there, Spain plays a key role, as there are a number of dictates that would affect our country. What Nostradamus left predicted is that during this year Spain would suffer great climatic changes and a strong attack, in addition to internal disputes that would lead the country to the most absolute drift.

This French apothecary referred especially to two areas that would be the most punished. Both Madrid and the Mediterranean coast, with the cities of Valencia, Alicante and Benidorm as the most damaged. In addition, the writings left by Nostradamus warned that there will be an increase in tension with Algeria. This could be due to the open conflict in the Sahara. It should not be forgotten that these predictions are subject to interpretation.

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2023 NASA

What Nostradamus prediction does NASA fear?

The British crown, Spain and even NASA fear the predictions of Nostradamus. The 16th century French apothecary and soothsayer has a collection of writings in a book called Astrological Centuries. And one of his predictions has NASA really fearful, since it is directly related to the planet Mars.

This prophecy speaks of a light failure on Mars and researchers are trying to decipher if it could be a strange movement of the planet. In his texts, Nostradamus assures that this fault will provoke celestial fire when the lights go out on Mars. One of the possibilities that are open points to the trip that ESA has programmed a spacecraft to make in the coming months. Many think that this could cause a huge explosion and thus confirm yet another Nostradamus prophecy.

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