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Hi guys, this is a project I had in mind, for a long time but I could not find the time to put it into practice; Now I think it’s time, first because after 4 years I am receiving your recognition and for that I thank you, second because several of you have told me that you have surfed on the internet and you have found information that interested you but finally it was not very interesting and finally, because this project involves not only task but also resources; I am not an organization, nor a company of developers, I am alone and this time this project is none other than developing interactive maps but more specific (that is, we could have maps exclusively of our hobbies); Imagine having an interactive map (and also world) on for example, history books and that were also really specialized on that subject. Google gives us in milliseconds 7,000,000 (at least) of results, but how to know all these results, which are the ones that interest us and can help us; Imagine having to look at the 7,000,000 results (I’m sure none of you have) and maybe the last result is what we might have been interested in. Several of you have told me that it has been by mistake that you have met me and if that error had not occurred and therefore I have been on the internet for 4 years although it does not seem like it but for money reasons as I have always had to change service provider several times because the first year they make you an offer but then they ask you for a lot of money and supposedly you can migrate the site Well, everything is a lie, you have to have made a backup that also involves money and in most cases, you have to recreate your site from the beginning because the copies are not restored in the same way you had them but good is what there is. Well, my project is to reduce with these interactive maps that anyone can manipulate them, first the search time and then having a database of pages that may interest us all and, in addition, contrasted. We are millions of Internet users and in our day to day, we have visited many pages, some good and others not; The idea is that together we can create an interactive community map of our hobbies with pages, blog, …, contrasted of interest and therefore on this occasion, I will include a donation button in case you can help since, of course this interactive map includes the use of tools that are paid, but you have of course no obligation and as long as I can I will take care of everything. The page has a questionnaire that you have to solve, the map will help you discover the places I deal with in the articles along with images (some of mine) and some information; At the moment this map is only reading and has to do with my blog; Later according to your hobbies we can create other maps. I hope you like it and of course it can be improved, do not forget that it is a project, in that sense I hope you participate by giving me suggestions and even who knows helping me. The map is intuitive and easy to use (you have two side arrows that you can close or open( If you close the two arrows you will have the map open completely and it looks better), the one on the left informs you of the countries and the steps to follow, the one on the right has 4 sections, the first has to do with connected users and messages, the second section for the moment you are not going to use it, The third section has to do with codes, latitudes and longitudes and finally the fourth has to do with links where you can see images of me and others not and information of the place, later you can put your own photos and information that you think convenient. I insist, it is a community project and who knows that one day it will not become global. Let’s make the internet the way we want. You have the opportunity to create your own interactive maps. Thank you for your participation.

My Multiple Choice Quiz

Welcome to the game miniowi, where you will show how much you know about all the articles on this blog and the linked web pages; Good adventure towards information.

see Map of the world: usBIM-GIS | Seek me.geojson (USING THE VERSION FOUR)

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